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FMCG Communications Professionals

We understand in any one day you can be dealing with a multitude of different communication tasks from keeping up with the latest news coverage, competitive analyses, reputation managementetcetc etc. It’s a challenge to break through all the clutter and deliver the insights and messaging efficiently and effectively.

Business risks for the retail Industry

In the modern world, brands compete to quickly produce high volumes of affordable food and clothing, with ranges changing every season. The pressure leads companies to cut corners and neglect sustainability concerns to maintain a competitive advantage. It's an approach that is likely to backfire.

Communications Professionals

Named the Best News Media Monitoring Solution in the 2017 SIIA CODiE Awards, LexisNexis Newsdesk® includes comprehensive coverage across the globe and more specifically Australia - including national, metropolitan, rural, regional and specialty media in print, online, broadcast & social media.

Compliance Professionals New Zealand

Screen. Monitor. Protect. Managing strategic, financial, regulatory and reputational risk in a complex, global business landscape represents a critical challenge.

Knowledge Professionals - Government agencies

We understand your role is varied. While you’re busy supporting decision making at all levels of government by promoting and facilitating knowledge and resource sharing, you are time poor and look for solutions that efficiently and cost-effectively get you the information you need.

Media Relations Association Professionals

Associations represent the interests of their members and we understand it’s a challenge to break through all the clutter to stay abreast of everything going on in the media. You work to promote and protect the issues that come to hand and increase knowledge about your industry within Australia.