In the modern world, brands compete to quickly produce high volumes of affordable food and clothing, with ranges changing every season. The pressure leads companies to cut corners and neglect sustainability concerns to maintain a competitive advantage. It's an approach that is likely to backfire.

Some of the world's largest brands are facing ugly accusations of pollution, unethical sourcing and modern slavery in their supply chains.

We help our customers mitigate business risks, meet their strategic goals and accomplish greater return on investment. Using our efficient, agile and cost-effective due diligence and monitoring solutions empowers our customers to find the information they need on people, companies and countries.

LexisNexis® Entity Insight can help you conduct proactive, risk-based monitoring to improve visibility into potential reputational, regulatory, financial and strategic risks.

Our proprietary technologies and licensing agreements means we capture and collate news and information literally every minute of every day.

What’s keeping you awake at night

User Case 1

I want to have a better picture of my suppliers and third parties. How do I identify potential problems in my supply chain?

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User Case 2

I have time pressures on making decision within my supply chain. I need a system that is up to date and reliable.

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User Case 3

I’m concerned about adding another complex system to our organization. How does yours work?

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Ebook: Importance of Risk Media Monitoring

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