We understand in any one day you can be dealing with a multitude of different communication tasks from keeping up with the latest news coverage, competitive analyses, reputation managementetcetc etc. It’s a challenge to break through all the clutter and deliver the insights and messaging efficiently and effectively.

LexisNexis® communication solutions have been designed with you in mind. Our solutionsinclude comprehensive coverage across the globe and more specifically Australia - including national, metropolitan, rural, regional and specialty media in print, online, broadcast & social media.

Further, LexisNexis licensed content is available for searches dating back 40 years via our comprehensive deep research platform Nexis.com.

Our proprietary technologies and licensing agreements mean we capture and collate news and information literally every minute of every day. Users can perform an unlimited number of searches across all content types subscribed to.

The day’s relevant media items can be condensed into easy-to-digest customised report formats - from self-serve dashboards and easy-to-understand data visualisations to curated content and informative newsletters in near to real time.

What’s keeping you awake at night

User Case 1

I would like more industry and competitor knowledge. I have budget restraints and traditionally don’t have the capacity to stay across this. How can you help?

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User Case 2

My daily reports are invaluable however it would be great to generate a high level report to prove my media team’s ROI annually. We need this in a timely fashion and it needs to be cost effective. Is this possible?

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User Case 3

I need electronic delivery and access of all press, radio and TV news items anywhere, anytime that includes audio and video clips, as well as transcripts.

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Business Development Manager
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With over 10years experience as a BDM and Account Manager, Jing devotes her time to uncovering her clients’ evolving media intelligence, information monitoring and research requirements to deliver better ROI. She loves a long black coffee and is keen to discuss your communication needs over one.